If there’s one wall decor trend that’s owned this entire decade — and is still going strong — it’s the gallery wall. You can add your own touch, whether it’s mix-matched frames and types of art, or a streamlined look, gallery walls are a beautiful, personal touch on a space. The thing is — and of course the typical feedback from any client — is crafting a gallery wall can be a major design pain point. Where do you even begin?! Choosing frames that look good together, knowing dimensions of the pictures themselves, matting vs no matting, frame sizing, figuring out what will fit aesthetically,  where to place which hues, portraits vs landscapes, zoomed in vs zoomed out shots, typography… the list goes on! Even as a designer, it can be a bit overwhelming at first.

BUT! I love, love, love a puzzle.
Gallery frame-walling is kind of like adult-puzzling!

Want to know what I love even more though?
Getting to the point quicker!

Truthfully, as much as I adore them, gallery walls can sometimes soak up my time as a designer like quicksand, so I am beyond pleased to have found my recent magical go-to to help simplify the process: FRAMEBRIDGE (and I’m sure my clients are too)!

frame bridge gallery wall interior design pinterest
frame bridge gallery wall interior design pinterest
frame bridge gallery wall interior design pinterest
frame bridge gallery wall interior design pinterest

 This wall in my kitchen has been completely bare for two years. (I know).
But thanks to less than an hour of measurements and artwork selection/creation on my end + FRAMEBRIDGE’S magic, voila!

Inspired yet? Here’s the deal!:

  1. Go to framebridge.com
  2. Decide if you want to upload digital images to be printed (even an Instagram shot!), or mail in prints or even physical items — think wedding invitations, other mementos, or my current lil’ trendy obsession: TEXTILE FRAMING!
  3. Play around with your images and frames right there, simply and easily (no more guessing while staring at a blank wall!) — select your size, how you want anything cropped, etc.
  4. Choose your frame, mat color and style (or not mat) — and see a preview of the whole thing immediately. Trust me: seeing this visual will totally help with your overall process of what’s going to go next to what!
  5. Order! They build your frames within a few days then ship — for free! It arrives perfectly framed, your artwork professionally in tact, ready to be hung! (BONUS: use my code brittelise15 at checkout for 15% off!)

I used the digital upload option for three of the frames pictured on my mini kitchen gallery wall (‘Irvine Slim’ + ‘Dorado’ styles) and incorporated textile tapestries into the remaining two frames (‘Bolton’ style for both). SWOON.

No more scouring the internet or every home decor store for the right frame. No more annoying/painful little metal tabs on the backs of frames that you have to individually lift 12 per frame-back in order to self-place your photo only to get fingerprints all over the inside of the glass…oh, and it’s probably crooked. You know what I’m talking about. AND/OR no more paying an arm and a leg for not doing that part yourself. You’re welcome!


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